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Thiago Bianchi was born in 1979 in Brazil. When he turned 20 he joined the Metal band Karma and has continued to make music ever since. In 2007 he joined the band Shaman. Thiago then joined the Brazilian Metal band Noturnall in 2013 and they have released 4 albums since then, “First Night (Live)”, “Noturnall”, “Back to Fuck You Up!”…

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TOSELAND – Fingers Burned

Toseland is back! Just a little less than a year after their last album release. This time not with a full album but with an EP that still portrays all of Toseland’s usual power and emotion. Fingers Burned – Taken from the critically acclaimed album “Cradle the Rage”, Fingers Burned is arguably the center piece of the record.…

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WOLFPAKK – Wolves Reign

It’s time for the fourth installment of WOLFPAKK, the melodic metal allstar project led by Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker). Once again the two experienced musicians have gathered a pack of “guest wolves” to refine the 11 new songs which will be featured on ‘Wolves Reign’ (release date: April 28). Again it’s the unmistakable…

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SINNER – Tequila Suicide

Even though band boss Mat Sinner is involved in many musical projects (just mentioning Primal Fear, the “Rock meets Classic” project and Voodoo Circle), he always finds the time to also release albums with his band, SINNER. In 2013, “Touch Of Sin 2”, a collection of re-recorded SINNER classics from the 80’s (+ a few new songs) was following…

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ASTRAL DOORS – Black Eyed Children

ASTRAL DOORS is back stronger than ever. For 2 years they have been working with their 8th album, “Black Eyed Children”, which once and for all will prove that they are the kings of classic heavy rock. The music is heavier, the lyrics darker and most important: the songs are stronger than ever. Since the debut “Of the Son…

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DAYS OF JUPITER – New Awakening

Days Of Jupiter is the name of a Swedish band who is ready to take the world by storm with their bombastic, melodic and heavy brand of Hard Rock. The band looks for influences on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as they combine the modern American metal with classic Hard Rock from Europe and molding it into their…

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