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COMMUNIC – Where Echoes Gather

In the beginning – Where it all started COMMUNIC is a Norwegian metal band that was founded in March 2003 by guitarist/vocalist Oddleif Stensland and drummer Tor Atle Andersen (both ex-SCARIOT), who shortly after was joined by bass player Erik Mortensen, (a former band mate of Oddleif’s from INGERMANLAND). In April 2004, Oddleif Stensland quit…

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SHAKRA – Snakes & Ladders

Roll the dice! On November 10th, SHAKRA will release their new studio record „Snakes & Ladders“. As in the game with the same title, the goal is to climb to the top. This is what SHAKRA as a band also have in mind. It’s been almost 2 years since „High Noon“ was released, the comeback…

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THE OTHER – Casket Case

“To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula” (Bela Lugosi). Horror, the incomprehensible, fear itself – they all bear a deep and dark longing, they all evoke a fathomless lust for danger, for the abyss. Similarly, Rock’n’Roll, the devil’s music moving our legs and boiling our blood, never fell short of its…

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EMIL BULLS – Kill Your Demons

EMIL BULLS return with their ninth studio album „KILL YOUR DEMONS“ on September 29th 2017, offering a synergy of enrapturing melodies, grinding guitar riffs and pulsating vibes which transcend genre. With more than 20 years of band history behind them, EMIL BULLS have remained true to their distinctive brash attitude and their gritty, creative style.…

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Chakora looking for a deal

                                            GENRE : Groove Metal Social Media : “Born” : 2014 Country : Germany English : Chakora – the four-Piece German band, with Jakob Messner / Drums (19), Fabian Thomé / Bas (25), Christian Weber…

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