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KÄRBHOLZ – Herz & Verstand

With “Herz & Verstand” Kärbholz are already releasing their 8th studio album. The four guys from Ruppichteroth in the German countryside have been making music together since 2005. And that very successfully, if you look at the last releases of the band. “Rastlos” from 2013 went from a standing start to #16 and the follow-up…

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“Hell no!”, Flotsam And Jetsam’s master behind the microphone Eric “A.K.” Knutson exclaimed when asked if this was the band’s final swing of the axe! The End Of Chaos certainly could be construed that way title-wise. But what do you do when you unleash arguably the finest hour in your 30-plus year career (2016’s genius…

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rock & METAL PARTY 26.01.19 pompgebouw 1 Brunssum (NL)

Na t succes eind 2017 van de Rock & METAL PARTY in proeflokaal Gorissen te Brunssum. Heeft de organisatie besloten dit feest te verplaatsen naar Pompgebouw 1 in t Schutterspark te Brunssum. Was je vroeger een bezoeker van de metal avonden in Sheltur / Unitas, Nova Zembla, de Kajuit (Ora) en of An gen Kirch,…

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Robby Valentine pNN – Heerlen (NL) 24.05.19

Robby Valentine scoorde met debuutsingle ‘Over And Over Again’ begin jaren ‘90 een gigantische hit. Zijn debuutalbum leverde hem een Zilveren Harp op evenals een succesvolle carrière in Japan. Na de release van zijn tiende studio album ‘Bizarro World’ in 2014 en de daaropvolgende Bizarro World-tour, bleef het een tijdje stil rondom de multi-instrumentalist. Na…

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EVERGREY – The Atlantic

In a music scene that has threatened to become increasingly trivial and contourless for a number of years, Evergrey are the (exceedingly ambitioned) silver lining on the horizon. Since 1993, the Swedish group surrounding frontman/songwriter Tom S. Englund has been synonymous with technically and compositionally outstanding standards, combined with lyrics and messages which go way…

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HERMAN FRANK – Fight The Fear

Introducing Heavy Metal veteran HERMAN FRANK to the crowd is just meaningless like carry coals to Newcastle. The guitarist has been an integral part of the German metal scene since the early 80s. From ACCEPT to VICTORY to his solo project started in 2009 and his work as a producer, the Hanoverian has proved a…

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