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ETHERNITY – The Human Race Extinction

Lots of demos recorded, a high-class self-released album (2015), festivals and shows with HammerFall, Vanden Plas, Rhapsody of Fire, Symphony X, Masterplan and Evergrey… Belgian melodic progressive metal band ETHERNITY has come a long way since brothers Julien and Nicolas Spreutels – as well as their cousin François Spreutels – started their musical project in…

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DYNAZTY – Firesign

If you consider who is on the list of “Pioneering Bands of Hard Sounds” you cannot help wondering what the Scandinavians mix into their mother´s milk, but the musicians from the north of Europe seemingly occupy two thirds off this ranking. And also DYNAZTY from Stockholm are no exception. Formed 2007 by guitarists Love Magnusson…

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GAMA BOMB – Speed Between The Lines

In a landscape of identikit thrash bands GAMA BOMB have always stood out. Unapologetically Irish, with lyrics mixing humour and social commentary and a reputation for legendary beer-soaked stage shows, they’ve never made a secret of enjoying what they do. GAMA BOMB formed in 2002, bonding over a shared love of retro comics, movies and…

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I’ll BE DAMNED – Road To Disorder

We’re all damned. Most of us just don’t know it yet. The world is dancing a grim fandango right on the edge of the abyss, one foot dangling over the edge. This, however, is no reason to panic as I’ll Be Damned, Denmark’s hottest Rock sensation since Volbeat, are underlining on their sophomore effort “Road…

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BRAINSTORM – Midnight Ghost

German power metal band BRAINSTORM proudly announces the release of their new album, „Midnight Ghost“, scheduled for release on September 28th.The band‘s already 12th studio album is seemingly forging into something very special. Vocalist Andy B. Franck comments: „Midnight Ghost“ is the album we always wanted to create for our fans – and ourselves. Every…

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MANIMAL – Purgatorio

A band needs plenty of exceptional compositional talent to record an album that sounds monolithic despite the fact that the individual songs ooze a wide range of different details and special features. Since its foundation in 2001, Manimal from Gothenburg have successfully mastered this feat for the third time. Despite their loyalty to traditional influences…

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