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AXXIS – Virus of A Modern time

Lünen – They are one of the German rock bands that are still keeping up with the times, even after more than three decades of band history – perhaps even more than ever: Due to the current global situation, the rock band AXXIS have interrupted their studio work on their next album and are releasing…

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FIREWIND – Firewind

Each time Firewind released an album over the last 20 years, it wasn’t just the brilliancy of exceptional guitarist Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil) that fans were in awe of, but also the skills of every one of the band’s vocalists. Fantastic riffs, hooks and solos by the gifted hands of guitarist…

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God does not play dice. At least that’s what Einstein said. If that is right, though, it can only be because God never heard about pen & paper role playing games and never rolled a proper d20. Yep, that’s that weird dice with 20 sides. Confined for an awfully long time into parents’ basements and…

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Golden Age of Rock 2020

   – GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK 2020 – vrijdag 21.08.2020 zaterdag 22.08.2020 & zondag 23.08.2020 Altijd het meest coole van de old school ! Na een aanzienlijk geacht succes en een bijna unanieme goedkeuring door iedereen (groepen, publiek, pers, vrijwilligers …), heeft het Golden Age Rock Festival besloten om aan een tweede editie te beginnen.…

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BLOODBOUND – Bloodheads United

Swedish melodic power metal force BLOODBOUND returns a with a very special release – which is dedicated to its ever-growing fanbase: Titled “Bloodheads United”, this new Mini LP (which will be available as 10” white Vinyl) contains four exclusive live tracks – all recorded at Bang Your Head festival 2017 – and on top of…

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OZ – Forced Commandments

About 2,5 years have passed since the release of their much-acclaimed album “Transition State” – now OZ are back with full force and their new album entitled “Forced Commandments”! The band’s 8th studio album sounds fresh and powerful, but OZ still have not forgotten their musical roots. Roaring guitars, kick-ass solos, catchy lyrics, a driving…

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