De inschrijvingen voor de Wacken Metal Battle NL zijn weer begonnen, de finale zal plaats vinden na de Metal Battle (NL) Finale. Meld je aan door ons de benodigde gegevens via het aanmeldformulier op deze pagina te sturen.

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    The Metal Battle takes place for the 16th time in 2019. Since then it brings together the worldwide metal scenes at the Wacken Open Air. The contest supported several bands at their starting point of their career, e.g. Drone, Torture Squad, Battle Beast and Hammercult.


    But not only for the bands the Metal Battle is a fantastic option to represent themselves. Although many countries joined the Metal Battle which the metal world didn’t pay much attention to before; even as these countries have a great metal scene as well. That’s the reason why the Metal Battle grew and more than 40 countries joined the competition. Countries like Canada, Mexico, South Africa, the Middle East, Bulgaria, China, Japan (just to name a few) entered this worldwide network to figure out one band that represents their local scene at the international final round at the Wacken Open Air.

    Traditionally the final takes place at the WET Stage and the Headbanger’s Stage of the W:O:A. The bands do have the option to give hell to the audience of the biggest metal festival in the world and to show them what metal is about in their home country.
    In the end the jury will select a “top 5” and the bands will be rewarded with material and cash prizes.

    Also the Metal Battle final at the W:O:A will be a forum for all participating bands where they can get in touch with producers, manager, booking agents and labels. So the Metal Battle gives a chance to all participating bands to establish contacts which can be useful for their musical future.


    Your band doesn’t have a deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
    Your band can easily play a 30 minute set consisting of your own songs.
    You’re not a band that won former, which means the year before, Metal Battle heats.
    Bands, that participated the years before, but didn’t win any of the regional heats may re-apply.
    Bands that won national or international finals can’t participate anymore
    Please send your application (Demo CD with 3-4 songs, photo, band info and contact address) to the address of your National Metal Battle Department.

    * Please notice, we don’t keep an Archive if you already sended us for previous editions your info, music etc etc  please send it updated again.